Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain: Achieve Freedom and Independence

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Are you facing a wall of chronic pain and its limitations?
Looking for a practical roadmap that provides an effective way out?

Dr. Michael Irving knows some of what it is like to live in your shoes. He struggled through decades of ­persistent pain and the shadow it cast on his day-to-day life. At various times he used a cane; crutches; an arm sling; neck or back braces; painkillers and muscle relaxants.

Like many Chronic Pain sufferers trying to get through just one more day, pain migrated about, residing in one area, then showing up in another –neck, shoulders, upper back, low back, hips, knees and persistently sore painful feet. He has suffered from migraines, bursitis and tendonitis. He just pushed through it all.
Over the years, he tried many medical and physical interventions. Some brought relief and movement forward, but, as you know, Chronic Pain has a way of holding on and sneaking back up.

Dissatisfied with the limitations of all the standard chronic pain treatments, Dr. Irving sought a way out through attending workshops and courses in the latest advances to resolve the core roots of long-lasting pain. He expanded his understanding of chronic pain and added to his extensive knowledge about how to approach it. Armed with an arsenal of innovative tools and strategies he eventually lead advanced trainings – using a variety of mind-body and other tools to reduce and even erase chronic pain.

He grew stronger in his appreciation that ­people have an enormous ability to climb out of the pit of mind-based Chronic Pain when they are ­empowered to take charge and are provided with the appropriate knowledge and system. Dr. Irving used his lifetime’s accumulation of mind-based skills to develop Mind-based Pain Repatterning

Dr. Irving says that, “If mind-based Chronic Pain has been a dark shadow, you do not need to forego ­reaching your dreams of special life achievements that you so deserve in a body that feels free and vibrant. You can achieve bright, carefree independence in a liberated body.”

Leave Pain Behind: Walk Into a New Reality

“Mind-based Chronic Pain can be greatly reduced, and even ended using Mind-based Pain Repatterning found in the MBPR System.” The fundamental conditions driving persistent mind-based Chronic Pain are basic and understandable. The story-making properties of the mind that incorporate thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions are at the core of mind-based Chronic Pain. These forces can be identified and rewritten.

To do this work you need practical and effective tools and strategies that are easy to learn and employ. The MBPR System outlined in the breakthrough book, “RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO END CHRONIC PAIN” will empower you to release yourself from mind-based Chronic Pain.

Rather than a clinical treatment program, the MBPR System provides a holistic mind-based ­approach that addresses what is continually missed in medical, pharmaceutical, and physical interventions. These approaches put you in the driver’s seat to move forward with reducing and erasing mind-based Chronic Pain.
To begin with, the book ­presents an understanding of the difference between acute pain and mind-based Chronic Pain so that you can feel confident and ­motivated in pursuing a new path of addressing long-term pain from a “mind-based” perspective.

The MBPR System program teaches practical and effective mind-body tools and strategies for reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and controlling and ­reducing pain.

The MBPR System program goes deep into the core mindsets that significantly contribute to holding onto mind-based Chronic Pain. The ­program presented in the book, “RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO END CHRONIC PAIN”, helps you understand mindsets driving mind-based Chronic Pain.
The book and MBPR System provide you with practical and easy to employ tools and strategies to identify and repattern your specific and unique pain-associated mindsets.

With the right knowledge and support, you can control and change pain.

Gaining an ability to change the influences driving mind-based Chronic Pain has a bonus of providing you with advanced skills and strategies for promoting achievement in other areas of your life.
Purchase the book “RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO END CHRONIC PAIN” and hear the secrets of Mind-Based Pain Repatterning (MBPR) at Dr. Irving’s upcoming speaking engagement, “Practical Solutions to Remove the Suffering from Chronic Pain”, on:October 3, 2018, 7 p.m. at Walton Memorial United Church, 2489 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville.
This event is free, but seating is limited. Call 416-998-2966 or e-mail for dates and locations of other GTA presentations or visit ­