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My name is Allison Ashworth, and I have the pleasure of being the Director/Owner of Senior Homecare by Angels, Oakville. We serve families and seniors across Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, and the surrounding communities. 

Senior Homecare by Angels® We Care Everyday In Every Way.

Elderly people who live alone are more likely to ­experience social isolation, depression and anxiety. They often lack help in an emergency and suffer a greater risk of fall ­hazards, ­accidental overdoses and malnutrition.
Despite these problems, many seniors would rather stay in their home and almost 90% of elderly people that do live alone express a keen ­desire to maintain their ­independence. Many fear being too dependent on ­others and, despite the ­loneliness, want to continue to live alone.
This puts tremendous stress on their adult children, many of whom are extremely busy with career and family and just don’t have the time to make sure their parents are safe. ­Allison Ashworth is someone who learned first-hand how hard it is to work full-time while caring for elderly parents. In doing so she recognized the importance of giving the person that is being cared for respect, dignity and engagement in order to uphold a quality of life – and the problems of providing such ­focused attention when you have so many other ­responsibilities and commitments. This was the driving force that led her to go into business providing this focused care for seniors.
As a retired educator, Allison has always enjoyed working with, listening and helping people in the community. ‘We never stop learning and need that social contact to help ­define our ­contribution to ­society each and every day. Working with the elderly who may have some physical ­barriers to ­mobility, have lost a loved one or just want ­someone to talk to as a ­companion can make an enormous difference in the quality of life of our clients while bringing peace of mind to the members of the family knowing their elderly mother or father is being well cared for while the children are busy working and raising families” says Allison.
Allison, who has always lived in Oakville, decided to ­become the Oakville franchisee of ­Senior Homecare by ­Angels, an organization with over 650 franchises across the US and Canada. The agency has served tens of thousands of client families so it has the knowledge and experience to ­ensure the best experience for its clients. In fact hundreds of newspaper articles nationwide, magazines, the internet, radio and on network television have recognized Senior Homecare by Angels’ commitment to its clients.

When you’re looking for in-house care, it’s important to know that the people you’re contracting with, not only have a good reputation but also know the community and area you live in well. Both are the case with Senior Homecare by Angels. ­Allison and her staff are locally and community driven ­operators. “Our clients tell us that they love our engaged and ­personal involvement.” says Allison. That is no surprise as she hand selects the caregivers, hiring only those who are ­committed to their position. “I also attend a meeting with the client and caregiver to ensure a good fit and frequently follow up to make sure everything is going well and the client is happy.” adds Allison.
Senior Homecare by Angels’ attention to detail and experience in the area of non-medical homecare sets them apart. ­Personal support workers and companions will go to hospitals or provide personal care for seniors at home. You can choose from a variety of elder care resources. They’ll gladly meet with clients’ family physicians, nurses and therapists to learn all they can about each specific case. So that you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are well cared for.

Owner of Senior Homecare by Angels, Oakville, Allison, will go the extra mile in order to provide seniors with respect, dignity and engagement. 

Helping the elderly in their homes is a responsibility and privilege that Allison and her staff take very seriously.

Here is one example of Allison’s willingness to go the extra mile:
‘Some times what we think is the smallest change can bring about great positive outcomes!’
Recently I received a call from the daughter of a client who said that despite being very pleased with our caregiving ­service, her mom, of 92 years, seemed a little down and less responsive than normal. The daughter was concerned that her mom just didn’t seem to be herself. When asked what she did each day, she said she didn’t remember and not much.
The concerned daughter wondered what we might be able to do to lift her moms spirits. Understanding her concerns, we also chatted about how all of us get a little bit of cabin fever during the winter months and it is often not safe to go outside with the snow and ice. The gray skies often don’t help either!
I told the daughter I would chat with the caregiver to see if I could find out any additional information. The caregiver did confirm that lately, it did seem that the client (the mom) seemed a little less responsive and just didn’t seem to want to do much throughout the day. As a former educator, and mother of 3 children I know how quickly people can become disengaged for a variety of reasons, despite your best efforts. This is where my life long learning strategies really help us bring that personal care to our clients!
I developed a list of over 20 activities both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) with the days of the week that could be checked off by the daughter and mother together for the upcoming day or week. Selecting 2-3 different activities would allow for flexibility and could always be changed at the last minute too. The checklist also helped to inform both the caregiver and the daughter what her mom seemed to enjoy most or least during the day. There was also a section to add additional activities and I recommended that every week or month a new activity could be added or rotated onto the activity schedule if desired.
The daughter was quiet excited about the activity list and the fact that she could be part of the solution in engaging her mom, even while she was at work. The daughter was also excited as she participated in getting some inexpensive resources that provided a tangible and visual demonstration that things weren’t going to be the same.
The same week I sent the activity list to the daughter, she shared it with her mother and I received an email back telling me how it lifted her mother’s spirits just knowing that each day she had something new to look forward to and also had flexibility to select more, less or different activities as the day progressed.
The caregiver also felt they were part of the solution for providing more engagement as well as giving some variety in their own daily caregiving.
The lesson learned here was not just about an activity list, but the importance we all place on the mental and physical stimulus and having personal engagement with those around us. The anticipation of doing something different from the day before and the day after is that ‘spice of life’ that can make a world of difference and result in great positive outcomes!”

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