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an ancient spiritual art form of massage performed in a very intentional manner 


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Includes Non-intrusive enlarged prostate, prostrate health and sexual health

by Joanna Recine

Can Massage be the most simple tool with the most interesting potential?

It is not easy to talk about the body mostly because the mind has to try to understand what the intelligent body knows instinctively and shows through its language….Secondly, the ­interpretations of what is happening in our bodies are biased by our sensors; our capacity to feel, perceive, store info, express and be grateful, listen and be aware. It’s a ­learning curve, take your time on this journey. It’s doable and worth it; your body will never lie.
Having encountered very cerebral and scientific minds, it is clear that my calling is not to rely exclusively on head ­knowledge but to embrace a more holistic view. The body has also a major role in understanding our inner and outer world and we can connect to our bodies for many reasons but the end all is for the body to support you.
This article is not focused on me nor the direct benefits of massage but on our perceptions, and understanding of ­self-healing and how culture impacts this useful and ancient therapy. These natural therapies have more history and with the least damage compared to medicine. Hopefully, we can ­expand the breadth and depth of this beautiful gift of self-­healing intrinsic to the body with the start of this article! (I have seen both sides of the spectrum having worked with 2 major pharmaceutical companies and even visited an operating room during open-heart surgery with a partially blind anesthetist. Yes.)
Massage can be the most satisfying experience and that is where many may relate and yet the most misunderstood, and that is if you look? If you don’t look, you don’t question, you don’t experience and take in a restorative massage or you don’t discern the layers of possibilities; and you possibly see/feel nothing. You can feel alive and healthy in your body when the flow is enhanced with homeostasis. Some people feel the difference in their bodies and some people may not even truly know how to even describe different states of being. Do you know how powerful the embodying process of ­massage can be and how it can change your life? The power of the natural world in my definition includes the body ( versus taking external medication) is still available.
Massage is a healthy tool but is often underestimated and ­trivialized by many because it’s : “ sleep on massage table”, “entertainment”, “temporary relief”, “feeling good for 1 hour”, “localized treatment”, and “insurance will pay anyway”. It’s ­unfortunate and wasteful to not leverage this sleeping giant when I witnessed big results in pain, stress and emotional ­relief, male empowerment and improved mobility.
Really? Do you pay $100 plus tax for an hour of skin massage that lasts only 1hr on a massage table and that you forget?
Let’s enable the questioning process….and I take the risk that this may be a heavy conversation for some seekers /­perceivers that this is just a massage and the body is not as important /intelligent as my mind. But you have not experienced a self-healing massage? I can’t please everyone, thus I will focus on the deep divers…Do we agree that it’s time to look at natural therapies because drugs (which have a ­tendency to be increased as you age) are just controlling the symptoms, not focused on self-healing? Using invasive ­electricity for men’s health does not truly help men in the long run either?
Some questions to ask? What is your massage experience and does it last? Do you receive or expect any gains physically and or mentally from your massage? How much does your past or past experiences dictate your future expectations?
The most important question I ask my clients is: What is your desired outcome from massage therapy?
What if you know or are open to expecting a positive ­outcome? Would that change everything?
When massage is intentional & self-healing-based…when you look for causes and ….when you connect with your body; the whole game changes and we go to another level of experience where the body talks about its hurts and pains and more.
This is when you will hear these comments from clients:
“My kids said I am back”
“I can now hug my ­grandchildren”
“My wife finds me more ­attractive”

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SELF-HEALING= your ­capacity for your body to improve its health with its own intelligence. This is a different experience for every person.