Save The Orphans

An Orphanage in Gambia, Africa

There is a serious problem with orphaned children in Gambia due to the Ebola crisis, which killed millions of Africans. Our orphanage has been in existence since 2000. We do not receive any government funding and rely on kind-hearted people to help us feed, house, clothe and educate the children.

About Us

My name is Brima Samuel. I am a pastor in Gambia, Africa and the sole caregiver for up to 50 children. My grandfather started the orphanage in 2000 after thousands of children lost their parents in the Ebola crisis which claimed the lives of over 40 million people. As a young man who admired my grandfather immensely, I helped the cause. When he died, it was only natural for me to take over. At first there were many more children. Thankfully, many of them were adopted into loving homes.
We are not funded by any government grants. I must work to make the money to care for the children and rely on donations from kind people.


Our Founder, William Sandy

Mr William Sandy is the founder of our orphanage. He was a great man who lived to 91 and was loved by many people. Before he died he left a great legacy.
He lived through a civil war during which time he saved the lives of several children.
Shortly after the UN or other charity organizations ended their mission and left, my grandfather got very sick and couldn’t walk.
Before he died he begged me to never give up on the children. I promised him on his death bed that I would continue his dream.

Meet our children

These are just a few of our precious babies. Please check again as we will be uploading more photos. Thank you,

Faith S & Jattu Favour K Sartie

Abuka Sesay

Kadie Turay

Momoh Kamata

Mary Kadie

Lasara Bangura

Marie John

James Kamara

Our Childrens’ Stories

It is sadly a daily phenomenon in African countries to see street children in most of the country’s cities. Most of them are orphans who live without guidance and the protection of loving parents, some have run away from a home filled with violence, while others are from families so poverty-stricken that they must go an beg on behalf of their families.
Here are the stories of some of the children of our orphanage. Please check back soon as we will be adding more stories. Thank you.

Marie John

This little child was dropped off at the side of the orphanage when she was only a few days old. We never met her parents nor heard any news of them.
Mary has been with us for 5 years. Her name was given by my grandmother who felt she was a gift from God.

Mohammed Camara

This little boy was raised by his blind grandmother. After she died he tried working at a nearby construction site, however, the owner drove him out because he was too small to work.
He came to the orphanage and begged for food. Everyone in his house had died from Ebola so we had to put him in quarantine for 21 days to ensure he wasn’t afflicted with the deadly virus. Now he is with us.

Abubaka Sesay

This little one was just 9 months old when his mother died. He was still nursing when she became sick and relatives refused to let him nurse they were afraid he wiuld get affected. Information later came out that he had a sister who was taking care of the sick mother. Howeer, when the sister learned that the Ebola response centre was coming she left Abuka by the side of the house and ran away. The little boy cried all day long but nobody came to help. Thankfully a kind woman who was nursing her own baby came to our help and nursed the baby. He is now a healthy, happy, beautiful little boy who brings joy to everyone at the orphanage.

Fatu James

Both of Fatu’s parents died from Ebola as did his two brothers. Fatu was removed from the home and taken to the Ebola response centre. After the quarantine period it was determined that he didn’t have Ebola, however his relatives refused to take him. The orphanage gladly welcomed this beautiful boy who continues to light our days with joy.

Lasara Bangura

This little child was dropped off at the side of the orphanage when she was only a few days old. We We never met her parents nor heard any news of them.
Mary has been with us for 5 years. Her name was given by my grandmother who felt she was a gift from God.Lasara is a very playful boy. His mother died in the fight against the Ebola pandemic. He never met his father, a fisherman, who died in the river before he was born. After his mother died, an uncle brought him to the orphanage. Lasara’s presence causes much happiness in the orphanage. He loves to laugh and joke. He won’t let anyone sit alone. He keeps everyone busy. He wanted to go to school but there was not enough money for him to do so. Until we have the funds, this sweet content boy is happy to take home classes.

James Kamara

The parents died from Ebola. James was living with parents and grandmother. But the grandmother couldn’t work. James went to the market for 2 years begging to support the grandmother.
Later the grandmother died. The aunt took over the house. Now he was on the street. Finally James met with me in my orphanage and decided to stay rather than continue begging on the streets.

Kadie Turay

This is a very sad story. Kadie’s father died when mother was pregnant. When Kadie was about 8 years old the mother was killed in an accident involving a truck. The owner of the house Kadie and her mom were renting started taking care of the child, but later started mistreating her. So she decided to run away. Thankfully someone found her on the streets and brought her to the orphanage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to share a safe and loving home with access to growing our own food, education, and medical care for the orphans of Gambia, Africa
At present we have only one benefactor, Ms Patricia Frazier, who has bought us land and put a down payment on a taxi.
We are hoping to get enough donations to build a fence around our property so that we can grow our own food and eventually build a home for the orphans.
As soon as I can finish the payments on the taxi, I will be able to make a living from driving tourists instead of relying on work which is often scarce especially during the rainy season.

This is the land we now own in Gambia, Africa

This is the Taxi We Are In The Process of Purchasing

Obtaining work can be difficult. Sometimes it is even more difficult to get paid. I am relying on donations from kind people so that I can finish paying for this taxi. Once I have paid for it, I hope to be able to make enough money to look after my orphans by transporting residents and tourists.

Please Help Us Create
A Safe Haven For Our Children

We believe all children should go to sleep each night with a full belly and safe from harm. With your kind donation, no matter how small, we can achieve this. Thank you

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Every Donation Helps, No Matter How Little. Thank You.

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