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• General Dentistry
• Orthodontics
• Implants (start to finish)
• Dentures (start to finish)
• Tooth Whitening

• Bonding
• Porcelain Veneers
• Crowns (Caps)
• Extractions
• Invisalign

• Root Canals
• Sports Mouth Guards
• Zoom Whitening
• Denture Implants “All On Four”

Beautiful Smiles Are Created at Bronte Cosmetic Dentistry

A Family Owned & Operated Business

Just imagine this: you take a bite of coleslaw and you hear a crack! Turns out, it’s your dentures and they’re ­damaged. You have two choices: go to a regular denturist and walk around without teeth for days or even weeks – or walk into Bront­e Cosmetic Dentistry and have them fixed while you wait.
The choice is ­obvious, and it is just one reason why this full-­service dental clinic has ­become one of the most trusted family dentistry clinics in ­Halton.
Bronte Cosmetic Dentistry is Oakville’s only dental office with a lab on premises. Denture relines and repairs are ­completed while you wait – usually in under an hour.
This facility not only allows their patients to maintain their dignity, but Dr. Michael Vo, the proprietor, and the other ­specialists in the clinic are ­gentle, compassionate ­professionals who truly care about their patients’ needs. Dr. Vo says, “Once we fully ­understand your situation, we can develop a personalized plan to best address your ­dental needs and goals. We will then discuss the options ­available to you to determine which course of action is the right one for your individual needs.”

The clinic, which opened in Bronte in 1993 as a ­Denture Therapy Clinic, became a full-service dental office in 2005 and is presently celebrating ten successful years in the new location. It’s a family-run business with Dr. Vo ­handling the dentistry and his wife, Kim Chung, dealing with the skilled art of professional denturism.

During their 22 years in Bronte, Dr. Vo and Kim have had the privilege of serving as many as three generations of families. “Our patients are very loyal” says Dr. Vo. “It’s a blessing for me as we have lived in this beautiful Bronte community for 22 years and have made so many friends and learned so much, especially from our senior patients.”

Indeed, proof of that loyalty is in the fact that Dr. Vo has patients coming from Kitchener, Mexico, Germany and even Thailand to have their dental work done at Bronte Cosmetic Clinic. “One of my patients used to work for Ford. When he retired, he moved to Mexico for 10 months of the year, and sees me while spending the two months here in Canada. I also have a client from Germany who visits her sister every summer and comes here so I can take care of her dental work. My other client from ­Thailand is a ­business man who travels ­extensively and sees me when in Canada”, says Dr. Vo, adding “It’s very
­satisfying to know that my patients appreciate me.

 In addition to offering safe, gentle dental ­services, Bronte Cosmetic Dentistry also ­provides a comfortable, ­relaxing  environment filled with beautiful, lush healthy plants and calming ­classical music to ensure that you feel completely at ease during your visit. 

Bronte Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to utilize only the most advanced equipment and ­techniques to ensure that they can offer the best dental ­treatment available. And, all this at very reasonable fees.  “Most of our clients have been with us so long, I don’t even charge them for a ­consultation”, says Dr. Vo .  “A lot of the time, they’ll just drop by.  If I’m free, I’ll take a look.” One patient, a 97 year-old senior, jokingly remarked “I talk to Dr. Vo for hours and he doesn’t charge me. I went to another dentist, said “hello” and he charged me $108!”

Dr. Michael Vo and Kim Chung have the skills, ­knowledge, and experience necessary to offer a complete selection of dental services, including: General Exams & Cleanings, Fillings, Crowns & Bridges, Dentures & Dental Implants, Invisalign, Bleaching & Veneers, Extractions, ­Periodontics, Bonding and Emergency Care.
The clinic accepts Saturday appointments, emergencies are seen on the same day, consultations are free and ­seniors receive a discount.
By offering a comprehensive dental treatment plan, Bronte Cosmetic Dentistry is able to ensure that your teeth are both healthy and beautiful.

Give Bronte Cosmetic Dentistry a call at 905-827-2066 to schedule your appointment or a free consultation.

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