Solving the Housing Affordability Crisis
with Genesis Compact Living

Revolutionizing affordability in the Canadian housing market. Our innovative tiny homes, like the model shown, offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional housing. By minimizing square footage without sarificing comfort, we provide affordable solutions that make home ownership accessible and sustainable.


Affordability, Design and Comfort

When you factor the cost to ship the material and get the qualified trade people to the location it can cost double to build. That’s because many Indigenous sites are located in areas that are hard to gain access.
With our tiny homes, everything is done in the factory. All the trades come to the factory: they do the lighting, roofs,

The homes are built with wheels  so transportation would not be a problem. It’s easy to be towed, or ship on railways.
Affordability: cheaper because you don’t have to dig or build a foundation,
Whether its ashphalt, concrete, dirt or grass, they just have to back it up onto the site and its ready.

The only additional is servicing: connecting to Electricity, sewers etc.

Floor Plan for tiny home pictured above
Studio, 1 Bath, 350 Sq. Ft.

Base price: $77,610 | Surcharge: $9,640
Options $2,750
Total $90,000 CAD + Freight (Based on location)

Case Study: Housing Development on a Native Reserve

Challenge: A remote Native reserve faced significant housing shortages, exacerbated by logistical challenges and teh need for culturally sensitive designs. The community required durable, sustainable homes that respected traditional values while providing modern comforts and efficiency.
Solution: Genesis Compact Living collaborated with local leaders to design and deploy 50 culturally inspired modular homes. These units were engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and were equipped with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, to ensure off-grid capability and sustainability.

Outcome: The project not only alleviated the housing shortage but also empowered the community by incorporating traditional designs and sustainable practices. It led to improved living standards, energy independence and a reinforced cultural identity. The success of this initiative has sparked interest in similar projects across other native communities

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