FREE SEMINAR: Retrain Your Brain to End Chronic Pain

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Retrain Your Brain to End Chronic Pain

October 3, 2018, 7:00pm -8:30pm

Walton Memorial Church
2489 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville

Dr. Michael Irving will be giving a free presentation as
part of his book launch.
If you suffer from chronic pain, this seminar could be life-changing

100 Million North Americans Suffer From Chronic Pain. For As Many As 80%, this life limiting burden can be reduced, even eliminated, through Mind-Based Pain Repatterning

Imagine Taking Your Life Back

While traditional health care systems continue to produce the same results, this revolutionary book reveals ground breaking mind-based Chronic Pain tools and strategies that bring forth miraculous ­results. Mind-Based Pain Repatterning System (MBPR) methods can dramatically reduce and in some cases even eradicate mind-based Chronic Pain. Imagine for a moment a life free from the harmful side effects of painkillers and opioids.

It’s not only possible, it’s probable.

How does Mind-Based Pain Repatterning Work?

Science has proven that in as many as 80% of cases, long-term chronic pain resides in the thinking and emotion areas of the brain. Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, ­destructive attitudes and distressing emotions become a fertile breeding ground for forces driving mind-based Chronic Pain. Groundbreaking mind-based exercises in “RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO END CHRONIC PAIN” will create a dramatic shift in mindset. And when you combine these activities with resiliency skills and other mind-body tools, you will begin to reduce and even eliminate mind-based Chronic Pain.

Discover the power of the MBPR System (Mind-Based Pain Repatterning) within the pages of RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO END CHRONIC PAIN and be well on your way to a life liberated from chronic pain.

Register For Our Seminar, October 3, 2018
Walton Memorial United Church
2489 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville

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“Chronic Pain was a horrible, horrible, horrible time in my life. Dr. Irving’s MBPR System fixed it. I just followed his ­instructions to the T. I didn’t believe it would work, but guess what? No More Pain. I’ve told others about it and gotten the response, ‘if it is so simple it cannot work’. Well, guess what? ¬Sometimes it’s the simplest things that work the best. That’s all I’m saying. I am no longer a skeptic and would highly recommend his program to ¬anyone suffering from chronic pain.”
Paul Tobey

President, Training Business Pros

“Dr. Irving is the most inspiring and ­knowledgeable Fitness-Wellness Coach I have worked with.”
Anton Simms

Former Olympian and NBA Player

“You and your methods are giving me a sense of having a plan. That I am not alone. I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am taking my life back. I am taking control and getting back the life I deserve. Thank you Dr. Irving.”
Alise Thom

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Yes, you CAN Say Goodbye to
Chronic Pain and Achieve Freedom and Independence

You don’t have to face  a wall of chronic pain and its limitations.

I can help provide you with a practical roadmap that provides an effective way out.


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