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Christopher James, A Warrior Calls, Is On A Mission To Change The World

Christopher James is a Canadian researcher, activist, and passionate advocate for justice and freedom. He is on a mission to expose the corruption in all our systems: financial, legal, political, and medical with the goal of creating a better world for us to live in. He was born in Burlington and has lived her for the majority of his life.

As with so many others, Christopher was not born with this passion to correct what is wrong in our world. It came about as a result of a crisis. He started his career in the entertainment industry as a songwriter, drummer, and pianist. “I ate, slept, and dreamt music,” says Christopher. In the early 2000s, he came up with a brilliant subscription model for music that had the potential of generating $billions. He needed some seed money to get started and that’s where he ended up face-to-face with the evil in this world. “My parents offered to back me. However, in the process they became financially ruined at the hands of a corrupt bank employee”. To add insult to injury, Christopher’s father was defrauded of his pension via new ownership in a company he had worked for all his life. When Christopher tried to help his father recover what was rightfully his, he learned a secretive deal had been made between the prosecution and his own entrusted counsel.

“When my parents got financially destroyed it became my focus to find out how to hold accountable the people who did this ”, says Christopher. “I did all the work and handed it over on a silver platter – yet nobody was held accountable. That’s when I discovered how much corruption was in our society.

And from there, A Warrior Calls was born. When asked how he came up with the name, Christopher responds, “I’m a perfectionist. Something has to sit perfectly with me before I accept it. For almost two years I struggled with the name. But then it just came to me one day. It explains who I am and what I’m doing. I’m calling everyone to the table so we can wake up mankind with these truths that have been hidden from us. “

Christopher has created an intricate website with the aim to educate people about their rights. For those who are interested in learning more, he recommends starting with the “Foundational Knowledge” videos ( These videos explain how the majority of people in the world –99%– live in slavery today as a result of a contract their parents entered into when they signed the birth certificate, and what you can do to break free. They also teach the difference between legal and lawful. For example, legal can only be used by corporations, whereas lawful can only be used by people who are in their sovereign capacity. “I’ve made it as simple to follow as possible so that everyone can understand”, says Christopher,. He speaks highly of Anna Von Reitz, a retired US postal judge who is teaching people about sovereignty, but feels her work is complicated and difficult to understand.

Christopher also helps people who have been wronged by society, especially children and the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable. He is presently working with two mothers, one in Brampton and one in Calgary, who alerted authorities about their children being sexually molested. Instead of protecting the children from their abusers, the authorities in both cases removed the children from the mothers.He is also helping an elderly woman in Oakville, who was removed from her home against her will by Halton police and placed in hospital. This was done under a mental health “act” and clearly did not respect the rights or the wishes of the woman. In his teachings, Christopher discusses how an act is nothing more than a policy of a corporation. It is not law. Christopher does this work at no charge and with great humility. “I’m a guy who finished at the bottom of my class. yet here I am the guy who’s teaching people how to write documents”.

Christopher is highly respected in the freedom-loving community. He holds webinars every Monday and Thursday night that are regularly attended by hundreds of loyal followers.

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Below is my interview with Chris. To learn more about his work, watch interviews, or attend his webinars visit his website. But before you do, Christopher wants it made clear to everyone, his site was not created because a man is upset that his life’s work/dream didn’t work out. On the contrary, Christopher believes everything happens for a reason. “This journey was by design for me to endure and battle in order to get to the truth which my creator knew I would not stop to find”. https:/