Canada Is A Crime Scene

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Canada is a Crime Scene. Canada is Also an Active War Zone

A message from the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly of the Halton Region and beyond

In the spirit of truth and out of duty of care we offer the following update on the reality of our current situation in the country/corporation commonly referred to as “Canada”. We have been warning people over the past 3 years; what they think has happened and what really happened are two very different things. After intense research and monitoring of the data and evidence, there are some things that everyone needs to know; especially if they were injected with the bioweapon ( ), which was presented as a “safe and effective vaccine”. Everyone knows by now that the narrative was false in that no immunity was conferred nor was there any mitigation of transmission by receiving the experimental injections, but it goes much deeper and we encourage all to read this with an open mind and an active heart.

The evidence now shows all covid related mandates were based on faulty modelling and not founded on any real science (ie the masks, tests, injections and lockdown measures were all based on hype and political propaganda). This was in conjunction with withholding natural/effective therapeutic treatments that they knew would work ( ). This in and of itself is criminal enough to prosecute and shut down everyone involved. Out of duty of care for your friends and family it is important to know that this whole agenda was borne of warfare. This is not opinion or conjecture as we have all of the evidence (ie contracts both military and civil, the actual Pfizer documents that show that they knew that serious damage would be caused by their untested, gene-editing nanotechnology): . It’s all in the patents, real-time meta data and much more:
( )

The bottom line is that there has been a gross breach of trust and criminal negligence by medical regulatory bodies, the shameful police services who have turned a blind eye to the evidence presented, the politicians and the list of complicit perpetrators that goes on and on.

When all of the structures in society are contaminated with grifting/conflicts of interest, including the judiciary, there is only a military way left to us for resolution (ie The Law of War Manual) to find justice and protection from the corporate defacto government crime syndicate that is functioning outside the democratic process. The ongoing scandals of the Trudeau government are being exposed on a nearly daily basis: the Trudeau Foundation China election interference and the privy council cover-up of the actual vaccine injuries that are taking place; The recent false flag wildfire rampage, which is intended to push a climate change agenda; the continual attack on the children and families with what is being pushed in schools as “education”.

Enough is enough! This has to come to a complete stop by having the complicit perpetrators identified in their genocidal medical deception and their act of democide revealed. The only solution to the madness that is left is having the military step in and local community members take action following the rule of law, the law of treaties and the Law of War Manual. When people come to understand what is really happening and why pertaining to the W.H.O., W.H.A., N.A.T.O., W.E.F., the Globalist Digital ID Charter, C.B.D.C. digital currency along with the COVID and climate change agendas, they will see that the objective is to dissolve our sovereignty as individuals and a nation. One can see why urgent action is needed to be taken by all, but especially those who are aware of the truth. “All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing”.

Through the Law of War Manual ( ) we have the ability to seek a truce with the combatants, in this case the Liberal crime syndicate/privy council, where we present a peace treaty declaration with terms that include the opportunity for their redemption, and subsequently a demand that they pay restitution/reparations for the bioweapons and unlawful mandated covid measures (ie business/school closures). The treaty will include the concept of restorative justice in that restitution paid will assist the repair of the damages done on a local level and implemented by the actual victims in their own communities; not by any level of the contaminated “government” bodies. Included will be a 12-step demand plan, which is being used by several counties in the US right now, to totally halt and remove any mRNA devices (ie the “COVID” injections) completely from the communities. This treaty declaration will be presented to the parliament to act as the negotiator with the perpetrators on our behalf.

Therefore, if you want to include your COVID damages reparation list (ie the harm/loss/trespass you’ve endured since 2020) and vaccine injury/crime report it will be added to the list of those who have already done so. You can submit your list(s) to under the subject heading “My Treaty List”.

There is nothing that can be shown now to justify the measures in the last 3 years, in fact the evidence and data now show that the COVID agenda was a pre-meditated medical deception to achieve the globalist goals and power and control ( ). This travesty was not borne of a naturally occurring virus; it was the multi-year pre-meditated plan to change life as we know it. Literally and figuratively via changing through transhumanism ( ) what it means to be human, with the result of taking away the hope of any freedom for future generations and the total elimination of our unalienable rights and inherent freedoms. Those rights and freedoms are at extreme risk by a tyrannical agenda.

Before you attempt to challenge what we are outlining we challenge you to review the evidence for yourself completely prior to passing judgment. Your family’s future depends on it, as does the next generations to follow… if they make it that far ( ).

We are, in fact, as a nation at war by supporting the Ukraine Deep-state agenda and the statistical impossibility of all-cause mortality that is occurring all around the world ( ). The Liberal crime syndicate works outside of the democratic process with directions coming from the privy council, which has led to an act of domestic terrorism that is pre-meditated in nature against the people. Yes, we are at war with our own illegitimate, defacto government and the military is the only way and our remedy is found in the Law of War Manual with the peace treaty declaration where the parliament is actually required to work for the best interest of the people who have been attacked by the insidious crimes.

We encourage you to participate as well as any groups/Private Members Associations who wish to take the same approach.

You can submit your list(s) to under the subject heading “My Treaty List” if you wish to add your information to the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly peace treaty declaration.