Bronte Is On Fire

Apr 17, 2018News0 comments

Bronte is on fire and that does include many exciting and new plans and development leading Ward 1 in a positive direction.
Crombie Reidt has closed every retail store in the mall with the ­exception of Sobeys . With the Rexall store being expanded the temporary location is a mobile ­facility located at the eastern side of Sobeys.

The two Site Plan applications have been submitted-one for the west half and one for the east half. Both are being ­reviewed for conformity with the original ­minutes of settlement and both applications will be dealt with by Committee. The western Site plan application comprises of a mixed use ­development ­consisting of 481 residential rental apartments with three levels of underground parking.
The proposal will range from 4 to 14 storeys in height with ­stepbacks at various stages. The proposal also provides for 649 sq. meters (6986 sq. feet) of at grade retail with frontage onto Lakeshore Rd W. A centrally ­located market square is proposed along Lakeshore Rd with pedestrian connectivity northerly to Sovereign Street ­terminating in a Parkette.
The easterly Site Plan application consists of 10710.5 sq feet of new retail space to the west of the existing Sobeys. It is ­anticipated that the easterly Site Plan application(Sobey’s half) will be brought forward to the April 10 Site Plan meeting.
The Town advises that while a demolition permit has been ­applied for no permit has actually been issued.
Construction and occupancy is dependent on the proposed development receiving final Site Plan approval and then the ­issuance of the building permit
Parking will consist of 3 levels of underground parking with 616 spaces
The three new tennis courts on Great Lakes Blvd are ­completed and will be officially opened for use in May. This project has been patiently waited for and I (Robinson) am pleased that my 4 years of work and planning is finally occurring
The Hixon St. St. Anne’s School site has an application in submission to the Town for 14 Low Density ­residential dwellings which concurs with the current Official Plan and ­existing ­density. Additionally the Town has acquired .8 of an acre which will become a Community Park
The potential Round About at Third Line and Lakeshore Rd has been a major concern for the Colbourne Seniors Centre and the school on Third Line, however after meetings with staff and stakeholders they have been advised that the Round About has been removed from the plans.

I met with Canada Post on March 3 and Mr. Paterson ­emphasizes The New Community Commitment to public ­service.
Following are the benefits described;
Your compartment could be equipped with a sliding ­compartment tray. It could make it easier for you to see and reach your mail by reducing, ­bending or stretching. To use the tray, just pull on a tab and slide it toward you.

Canada Post could assign you a compartment at the height or part of the mail box that you identify as most ­appropriate.

If arthritis or dexterity are important considerations you could be provided with a key turner. It would allow you to insert, turn and pull out your compartment key.

The tags for keys to the ­parcel compartments have Braille and raised lettering to help customers with impaired vision locate the compartment that has their parcel

Rogers Communications and their Municipal Government ­Relations Department plan on meeting with local Oakville Stakeholders to discuss how their national network policies are the “life blood” of their business
In 2017 Rogers accelerated this move to 4.5G advanced ­technology while setting the stage to a smooth evolution to 5G.
This year they plan on ramping their efforts trialing 5G across key applications and multiple frequencies. Over time they will deliver a broad range of 5G services across mobility, broadband and IoT which stands for “Internet of things”—it refers to the connection of all sorts of devices to a network which enables those devices and allows the gathering of information for all sorts of purposes. An ­example would be Automated Vehicles
They will build a solid 4.5G foundation with 5.G ready network equipment. They will continue to densify their ­network with more macro and small cells in key markets
Relevant Links will show how 5G will change our lives and Canada’s race to 5G and how carriers plan to win the next wireless era

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