Breach Of Trust

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Breach of Trust: The Weaponization of the Judicial System Against Truth


A message from the True North Guardians Alliance

Sir Robert Peel, considered to be the father of modern policing, famously said, “The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.” In Canada, we have become far too complacent and dependant upon “the system” to have our best interests in mind and we are experiencing the manifestation of another famous quote: “If you wait for someone to do it for you, eventually they will do it to you”. Rather than fulfilling their oaths and doing their jobs, we have witnessed/are witnessing the police and judiciary weaponize their system against the men and women who have taken up the aforementioned duty, despite not being paid to do so. This has resulted in police brutality, unlawful arrests, theft of property and forcible confinement by agents of the criminal organization and its subsidiaries (ie CANADA and ONTARIO) perpetrated from a standing that has no legitimate claim on any living, breathing man or woman ( ). The following are ongoing examples of this obstruction of justice/prosecutorial misconduct/absence of jurisdiction perpetrated upon the lawful men and women of Halton True North Guardians Alliance and the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly ( in chronological order of action.

Lawful Citizen’s Arrests Conducted by LSA Members in Defence of the Children under Duty of Care: First thing first: CANADA, as a whole, is a massive crime scene at this moment ( ), and has been for the past 3 years. There are many who have acted under our lawful duty of care to action the evidence that has accumulated since 2020. Men and Women from the Private Members Association of the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly and the True North Guardians Alliance have presented this evidence to the Halton Regional Police, the Halton Police Service Board, the Ontario Provincial Police, RCMP, Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario Superior Court and the Supreme Court of Canada hundreds of times over the past 3 years and to this day there has been no investigation, statement or action. Staff Sgt Crystal Kelly, of the Halton Regional Police, was sent criminal complaints from multiple parents in the Halton Region in defence of their children. These complaints included a massive binder of evidence full of legal, lawful and scientific facts. The evidence binder was vetted by 2 lawyers, 3 paralegals, multiple police officers from Police On Guard and local specialist Medical Doctors (note: the binder of evidence can be found at ). The law was followed, the evidence was irrefutable and yet no action was taken. Because the police refused to investigate/take any meaningful action under section 494(2) of the criminal code of Canada, the parents and the men and women of the Halton Region performed a citizen’s arrest of the Mayors of Burlington (Marianne Meed Ward), Oakville (Rob Burton), Milton (Gord Krantz), Niagara (Walter Sendzik), Mississauga (Bonnie Crombie), MP Karina Gould et al. and requested the assistance of the Halton Regional Police. All of the process and video evidence of these actions are available for the public record here:

If an investigation had been performed by anyone, they would have found the same facts and evidence that was uncovered by the various international tribunals as well as the same staggering amount of evidence and corruption that was present even in the early stages of the unlawful covid measures, which is now further supported by the National Citizen’s Inquiry ( in Canada on a daily basis. “It’s not that they can’t investigate these crimes it’s that they won’t investigate”. To be fair, the ones who are in the system who attempt to take action are immediately attacked by their superiors, like this OPP officer who was charged for investigating the now well-established links between the covid19 experimental injections and stillbirths:

The judiciary’s and the police’s primary role is to uphold the law and protect our fundamental rights and freedoms.

A mother acting to save her daughter: Around May of 2022, a mother approached members of the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly with the intent to protect her only remaining daughter from the experimental bioweapon commonly referred to as a “covid-19 vaccine”. Under the lawful duty of care, several members of the LSA acted as witnesses and did everything they could to protect the family and act with honour and integrity by presenting thousands of pages of evidence under the rule of law, the criminal code of Canada, the law of treaties, UCC law and the common law. The issue was escalated to the man, LEONARD RICCHETTI, acting as “regional senior justice” of the corporation of PEEL. Despite the facts provided to the corporation of ONTARIO/PEEL and the Peel regional police, no action was taken to protect the daughter nor was an investigation performed on the evidence. Instead, LEONARD RICCHETTI and the PEEL court system acted in dishonour and committed massive prosecutorial misconduct, absence of jurisdiction and obstructed justice at every turn while attacking the members of the True North Guardians Alliance and the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly. The entire ordeal is available for the public record at

These actions resulted in LEONARD RICCHETTI issuing an unlawful “summons” to a court of an incorrect jurisdiction. Due to the unlawful attack on the cestui que vie trusts of the mother, TNGA members and the LSA members, his failure to uphold his oath of office and the ongoing obstruction of justice/criminal negligence the man, LEONARD RICCHETTI, was sent an official notice of dishonour prior to December 8th,  2022. This notice is available for the public record:

To address the damage/harm performed on their trusts, two members of the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly went to the courthouse on December 8th, 2022 by special divine appearance to establish their status as sole beneficiaries/title holders of their cestui que vie trusts and appoint LEONARD RICCHETTI as their trustee.

At the courthouse in room 404 on December 8th, 2022, the man, LEONARD RICCHETTI, acting as a Regional senior justice of the PEEL REGION was appointed as a trustee and given a direction to bring forward the bond that indemnifies the trust beneficiaries as well as to discharge the malicious and fraudulent charges against the cestui que vie trusts. To this date, these directions have not been followed and the trustee remains in a state of delinquency and dishonour.

The delinquent trustee, LEONARD RICCHETTI, stated while acting under oath that the “police and correctional officers follow my jurisdiction” in front of approximately 14 witnesses from the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly. The Peel Regional police, who apparently follow LEONARD’S jurisdiction, had been given evidence of the harms and dangers of the experimental injections/covid measures since 2021 and have failed to investigate or respond to anyone who submitted evidence. The Peel police were also given evidence of the crimes (including criminal negligence and obstruction of justice) of LEONARD RICCHETTI but failed to respond to the claims and perform any investigation. LEONARD RICCHETTI refused to make a ruling on the over 1100 pages of criminal code of Canada violations and scientific evidence provided to him over a 6 month period of time. Both the delinquent trustee and the Peel Regional Police have failed to investigate the proof found at as well as perform their duty to uphold the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone within Ontario.

Were the Peel Regional Police acting under the direction of LEONARD RICCHETTI or other men and women acting as judges when they refused to act and investigate? Rather than dealing with the issue and doing his job (ie upholding our fundamental rights and freedoms), the delinquent trustee threatened the witnesses who were present on December 8th, 2023 and then adjourned the matter indefinitely (“sine die”), while also stating that he might lock up the single mother while he went on vacation until he was “ready to see her”.

After multiple attempts to clarify several important questions, including a potential conflict of interest, the man, Leonard Ricchetti, was given a notice of lien due to the crimes he had committed as well as the ongoing and unlawful attack on several men and women of the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly. Any notice of lien sent out gives the respondent multiple opportunities to rebut the statements, engage in a dialogue and move toward restorative justice. If the notices go unrebutted then they stand as truth in commerce and law. At this point and grand jury can be convened to determine an appropriate and lawful remedy. The notice of lien can be found here:

An unlawful arrest, theft of property and beyond: In response to the notice of lien, on April 12th, 2023 five members of the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly were victims of an attack by the Peel Police under the direction of the man acting as the Regional Senior Justice of PEEL, LEONARD RICCHETTI. The Peel agents did not identify themselves nor did they produce a war-rant until they were asked. The fraudulent charges are a) criminal harassment b) intimidation of justice participant and c) failure to obey a court order. Two of the members were taken from their homes under a fraudulent “war-rant” (said document had no wet signature and no raised seal, which is illegal) and had the Peel police steal their laptops and phones and ransack their home…for sending letters/evidence and asking questions.

To this date, their property has yet to be returned. Several of the April 12th interviewing officers/agents agreed, on the record, that the unlawful mandates/measures that have occurred over the last 3 years “100% never should have happened”. One peel police officer stated, on the record, that he “hates half of the [stuff] that goes on” in the courthouse across the street, but he’s “gotta do his job”. Rather than acting under duty of care and standing up for the truth, said officer suggested that the solution was to “talk to people and educate them”. When told that “there is a body count while people [like you] do nothing” he replied with “there is always a body count”. Really think about that: a man with a gun, a badge and an oath to safeguard the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens just stated that he’d rather serve himself and protect his job than save lives and uphold the rule of law… and most of us pay for his salary….and Leonard’s.

Collusion, coordination and domestic terrorism: The timing of these arrests were very interesting: Within 10 days Harold Jonker was arrested for his peaceful/lawful participation in the Ottawa freedom convoy protest. Many of the doctors who speak out/spoke out have had their licenses removed and this reckless endangerment has caused bodily harm to their patients. The police are enforcing/protecting an illegitimate judiciary/corporate entity and acting under the colour of law while totally neglecting the rule of law.

Justin Trudeau and the Trudeau foundation are currently under investigation for election interference involving the Chinese Communist Party, which brings into question the legitimacy of anyone involved in with the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party member acting as the Minister of Justice and attorney general, David Lametti, appointed LEONARD RICCHETTI to his position as Regional Senior Justice of PEEL. Pfizer developed their covid experimental injections alongside CCP company Fosun ( and the Trudeau government created an organization called “ScienceUpFirst” that was specifically designed to get as many people vaccinated/injected as possible (

Is there collusion and conflict of interest? Can these judges even provide a fair trial under these circumstances? Why are they attacking men and women who have already been brutalized for the past 3 years and continue to risk their lives/livelihood to act under duty of care? Why is an investigation so harmful/frightening to them? Why won’t they investigate? If they have already done one, why can’t it be made public? Where is the accountability? Why is justice obstructed at every turn?

They know what is wrong: The Peel regional police and the Peel Police Association also fought for their right to not force the experimental covid injections on their employees, so they certainly knew about the risks/harms and the lawful right to refuse the injection…but they failed to safeguard everyone else’s fundamental rights and freedoms, as per their oaths. They knew something was wrong yet they took their paycheques, served their own interests and failed to act while lives were lost due to the measures, society was divided, families were torn apart, businesses destroyed and the law was broken. Under these circumstances, they become guilty of criminal negligence, as does anyone with a role that could have prevented the crimes from occurring.

In conclusion: Regardless of one’s stance on the covid measures/crimes there are a few simple facts that we cannot ignore, as to let them go would be tantamount to consenting and condoning their actions.

1)      The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled multiple times that Canada must uphold its international obligations to the covenants and treaties. Those international laws have been violated and they were allowed to be violated.

2)      Queen Elizabeth and the corporation of CANADA ratified the international covenants and treaties. King Charles III has maintained this when he swore his oath. Police officers, mayors, politicians, all judges and agents of the corporation swore an oath to the Queen and to King Charles III, therefore they must also uphold the international covenants and treaties.

3)      When you have a focused, one-sided and one-messaged government that funds the mainstream media and dictates the experts that the media shows to the public this can no longer be called “democratic”. This is tyranny. This is lockstep. This is propaganda. This is domestic terrorism and warfare. As this has happened many times throughout history the international covenants and treaties actually empower us to stand up against a tyrannical government.

4)      The police, judges and bureaucrats who are paid very well to uphold the law failed to act, failed to investigate and failed to uphold their oaths. They have also actively withheld critical information from the public and obstructed justice at every turn, therefore making them complicit perpetrators in the biggest medical deception/hoax in Canadian history.

“I was just following orders” has never been an appropriate defense, as history has shown and that is more true now than ever before. Of course, people may choose to live in a society were these rights can be violated and taken away on a whim, but for those who choose to not participate with the crimes we do have a lawful right of self-determination (as stated in multiple international covenants and treaties). We have the right to participate with the state but not the obligation, and certainly no obligation to aid and abet them in their ongoing crimes against humanity. Much like sir Robert Peel stated, the international covenants and treaties also outline our duty to stand up to such crimes and domestic terrorism perpetrated by the tyrannical government.

Those who are responsible for the crimes can go about their business and be dealt with by the same entities that handled the Nuremberg trials after the second world war. However, for those who were harmed by these criminals are due compensation, reparations and the proper implementation of restorative justice. Why are these crimes still being allowed to happen? “All it takes for evil to win is for good men and women to do nothing”. Feel free to reach out to the True North Guardians Alliance ( if taking action resonates with you. In the meantime, we will continue our actions under our lawful duty of care with the intent to create peace, healing and restorative justice for all.