Am I Well?

Apr 17, 2018Health0 comments

What is wellness? This word is used by various professionals offering organic foods, supplements, therapies, and spa and beauty services. This would be to enhance our quality of life physically and emotionally, or to reduce the effects of stress. Naturopathic doctors define health and wellness as the optimum function of our body, mind and spirit. An increasing number of patients come to our clinic looking for wellness assessments and prevention. We use several methods to assess health and ­wellness, and to detect issues “before you feel it”!

Thermography, also known as digital infrared imaging, is a great way to detect abnormal ­function of tissues. This is especially popular for assessing thyroid and breast tissues, as well as your abdomen. Years before a tumour is large enough to be visible in other forms of imaging, there is an area of “angiogenesis”. This is a local area of exaggerated blood vessel development, which is initiated by the messages from abnormal cells, which could later become malignant. This provides early detection of abnormal function, which ­happens before disease. The best part is that there is no pain or radiation involved to have this test!

Bio-Impedance Analysis is a test we perform as part of every patient’s physical exam. It measures highly detailed body composition, including the percentages of fat, muscle and water in the body. This test also shows indicators of toxicity, silent inflammation, metabolism and cell health. We attach electrodes to one hand and foot to send a gentle electrical pulse through the body.

Hair Mineral Analysis is another test we recommend to every patient. For years now, half of our patients show toxic amounts of various heavy metals, which can lead to ­various types of illness such as cancer, heart disease, ­osteoporosis, low thyroid and ­neurological problems.

Live Cell Analysis is always a great experience for patients, to see a drop of their blood “in live action” under the microscope. Using a prick of the finger, we examine your red blood cells, white blood cells (immune system) and the plasma in the background. This test is great for assessing immune problems, digestive disorders, and ­cardiovascular. The most common thing we see, is chronic ­infections, especially in people with root canals. LCA is great for screening anyone, and one of our recommendations after you are cancer-free, so we can help you stay that way!

Saliva Hormone Testing measures “bio-available” hormones, and is great for people who have hormonal conditions but don’t necessarily have all the answers from blood work. We use this test for people who struggle with infertility, hormonal cancers such as breast and thyroid, and stress.
Reflexology is an ancient art of massaging the foot to improve circulation and organ functions through the nerve endings in the feet. This therapy is widely recognized in Europe as a safe ­adjunct to traditional medicine to support health and stress ­reduction.

IGG Food Sensitivities can cause general unwellness which is often diagnosed as a “syndrome”. This includes chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, ­candida syndrome or fibromyalgia. IGG reactions can occur hours or days after eating the food. This can lead to fatigue, headaches, joint pains, skin conditions, mood disorders and aggravate autoimmune ­conditions.

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