Word of mouth travels fast in Bronte! Over the past few weeks, at least a dozen people have asked me the same question: “Have you visited Lakeside Livin’ yet? This is then followed by a shower of accolades about the amazing items that you can find as well as the wonderful owner. If you have visited this store, you will definitely know what all the buzz is about. Even before you enter you know this will be a store that welcomes you by the sign on the door stating “Come in, I’m ­already disturbed”.

Prepare to be amazed once inside as the store is brimming with the most ­enchanting collection of ­beautiful and unique items. And the owner, Rose Luxton is a charming, friendly and courteous host. It’s no surprise that she has already created quite the following in the few months she has been open. “I have many regulars– from teenagers to seniors– and they are such a blessing” says Rose. “I don’t mind if someone buys or not, I love that they take the time to come in to visit”.
Rose works hard to find items that just aren’t available anywhere else. “I love beautiful things” she says “and people have a thirst for unique stuff. I am constantly learning from my customers and it is such pleasure sourcing the things I know they will love”.
Here are just a few of the lovely items you will find in the store: Wine candles that you cannot find anywhere else. These are lovely to look at and will burn for 75 hours. They come in 2 intoxicating (pun intended) flavours: Cabernet and Oak is one and Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay is the other and make the perfect wedding gift or for anyone who appreciates wine. Wine connoisseurs know their stuff and Rose has sold out several times. Another very popular item is the battery operated lanterns. Rose cannot keep them on the shelves. “I’ve been in the store so many times. Every time I buy one, my friends ask me where I got it and I have to go back and get one for them!” says Sue MacNeil, a lifetime Bronte resident.
Rose has a soft spot when it comes to children. So, when she heard that young Vietnamese girls aged 7 – 9 were making greeting cards she just had to carry them. The girls use quilling, an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create incredibly beautiful cards.
A large portion of the store is dedicated to nautical-themed items, like boats, lighthouses and pillows. “to celebrate the ­importance of Lake Ontario to our town” says Rose. She also features one of the largest collections of wall art in the area. No matter what you are looking for: from humourous, to ­inspiring to antique, you will be sure to find it here!
Rose will go out of her way to ensure her customers are happy. “My service is personal, I’ll work 24/7 to meet my clients’ deadlines and I love thinking out of the box”. Recently a customer came to her looking for something unique to give her clients. “I found these beautiful cheese knives for her to “Spread the Love”, says Rose.
Whether you want a small accent piece for your home or a house-warming gift for someone special, you can count on Rose to help you find just what you’re looking for. Lakeside Livin’ Home Décor 100 Bronte Rd. S. Unit 2, Oakville 905-469-9990 www.LakesideLivin.ca