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Bronte Village Lake Notes Concert Series

Did you join us at ‘Lake Notes’ Music Series last summer? Jordan John and his All-Star Band brought us so many beautiful summer sounds by the lake, creating Bronte summer memories every Thursday nights. Starting June 20, the music and dancing will continue this year featuring a variety of bands playing various genres of music throughout the summer.

The Oakville Wind Orchestra will bring its summer evening concerts back again this year, every Tuesday from July 2 to Aug 6th. Enjoy the beautiful sound beside the lake.

Bronte Village is a designated tourist area, and our goal is to showcase local artists and performers at our events. Our goal is to showcase this beautiful lakeside destination, one which some also call HOME!

Please watch for details on and follow us on our social media platforms.

“At Home in Bronte” Outdoor Art Exhibit

The “At Home in Bronte” Muskoka Chair Outdoor Art Exhibit drew so many positive reviews from both residents and visitors in the past two years and became a feature and an iconic image of Bronte Village. To respond to the strong demand from the community, the Bronte BIA businesses will continue to organize and fund this annual exhibit as a legacy piece, an exhibit that engages the community, to paint, admire, and rest by the lake on the chairs each summer. The Bronte Business Improvement Area and its businesses appreciate the continued support from our Councillors and board volunteers all making this possible.

Are you wanting to create your magical chair for display in Bronte this summer? Please stay tuned by following our social media. More information on how to get involved in this exciting project will be posted on In the meantime, get your name on our early bird list for consideration by emailing

Canada Day Evening Event and Fireworks

The Town of Oakville will be presenting the Oakville’s Canada Day once again in Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park.

Same as last year, the event will start at 6pm including music, family activities, food trucks, and of course the fireworks to close the event at around 10pm. Some road closures will occur on July 1st, and shuttle bus transportation will be provided to and from. Please visit the Town website for more details as they become available.


Here’s How Shopping Locally Helps Build Stronger Communities

So often people will say to me “I’ll tithe* when I can afford it”. Yet, that is backwards! The truth is, you will afford it when you tithe. The Universe has a way of giving back with interest to those who give. But in these harsh economic times, when so many of us are in debt, it is hard to give. In her book, Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating, Jane Goodall suggests buying organic as a means of tithing. She points out that by spending a few dollars extra you are giving back to local farmers and also helping to sustain the earth. I thought her idea was brilliant and ­immediately proceeded to tell anyone who would listen in an effort to get the word out. When put this way, it makes great sense to choose organic. After all, we all want to give back – and when it comes to buying organic there are additional health benefits for ourselves too.
Then it occurred to me, shopping locally can also be looked at exactly the same. When you shop at the big chain stores, you may (or may not) save a few dollars, However, only thirteen dollars out of every 100 dollars spent stays in the community. The same amount spent with a local ­merchant has more than three times the impact!
Every local purchase helps to strengthen the local economy, creates good will, ­develops employment opportunities, brings a greater supply of goods and services into the town and builds a vibrant and dynamic ­community. In short, when you shop ­locally, you are helping to build a stronger community, – and you will ultimately benefit from a stronger ­community! When you shop locally you also develop valuable friendships and, again, you will ultimately benefit from doing business with people who come to know you by name!
Remember, these are the people who sponsor your children’s teams. Small businesses truly are the backbone of a thriving society.
The Villager is dedicated to ­promoting local shopping among the ­residents of  Oakville and  Burlington. Our ­magazine is made possible through the ­sponsorship of local ­businesses, a group of dedicated, creative, hard working, friendly people. Please feel confident, when you do business with them, that you are ­getting the very best service and value.
You CAN make a difference! Happy shopping.

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